NFL Will Not Release Full Report on Washington Football Team

Commissioner Roger Goodell says the NFL won’t release its full report on the probe into harassment and abuse allegations against the Washington Football Team.

Goodell cited protecting sources as the reason.

”When you make a promise to protect the anonymity, to make sure that we get the right information, you need to stay with it,” Goodell said. ”And so we’re very conscious of making sure that we’re protecting those who came forward. They were incredibly brave.”

However, Lisa Banks, who represented 40 former WFT employees, called Goodell’s statement false.

Goodell said the most important thing for the league was that the situation not happen again with any team.

”So we think protecting the people that helped us get to that place, the people that unfortunately have to live through that experience, if we respect them and make sure we protect them,” the commissioner said.

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Allen Kee / ESPN Images