The 10 Grossest Words in the English Language Revealed [POLL]

What is the ‘grossest’ word in the English language?  If the first words that come to mind are related to bodily functions, you’re not alone.

The online language platform, Preply, conducted a new survey to find out what words grosses us out the most and with a whopping 9,799 votes in the poll, “pus” came in at #1.

Also making the Top 10, “phlegm,” which came in second place with 8,984 votes, and “seepage” at #3 with 8,799 votes.

The word that makes everyone cringe, “moist,” comes in at #4.

The complete list of top 10 words are:

  1. Pus (9,799 votes)

  2. Phlegm (8,984 votes)

  3. Seepage (8,799 votes)

  4. Moist (8,234 votes)

  5. Splooge (7,893 votes)

  6. Fester (7,223 votes)

  7. Mucus (7,083 votes)

  8. Ooze (6,990 votes)

  9. Putrid (6,912 votes)

  10. Curd (6,344 votes)