Dodgers Vendor Banned From Throwing Peanuts Over Safety Concerns

Roger Owens, the world-famous peanut man at Dodgers stadium, is being banned from tossing the bags to fans anymore.

The 79-year-old old began pitching peanuts at Dodger Stadium back in 1962 and can toss a bag of peanuts behind his back or between his legs.

Owens told the Los Angeles Times that Levy Restaurants, the company in charge of concessions at the stadium, cited fan safety as a reason for the ban.

“I’m so heartbroken about this,” Owens shared.  He told the Times that he doesn’t want to pick a fight but he doesn’t understand why it’s a problem. “I’m always wanting to make sure that whoever I am throwing to will catch the bag of peanuts…I want them to catch it, because they feel a sense of accomplishment.”

There were similar peanut-throwing bans in 1976 and 1985 but they were later rescinded due to fan protests.

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