Virginia Beach native supports U.S. Navy’s “Take Charge and Move Out” mission

A Virginia Beach, Virginia, native is serving in the U.S. Navy as part of the nation’s nuclear deterrence mission at Strategic Communications Wing One (STRATCOMMWING ONE).  Its TACAMO (“Take Charge and Move Out”) mission provides airborne communication links to nuclear missile units of U.S. Strategic Command.

Airman Robert Scheberger, a 2015 Salem High School graduate, joined the Navy one year ago.

“I knew I wanted to join the Navy since I was four years old,” said Scheberger. “It took a bit to get here, but I’m so glad I am.”

Scheberger uses skills and values similar to those found in Virginia Beach to succeed in the Navy.

“My hometown taught me to show up early,” said Scheberger. “Be early or be late. It also taught me the importance of being willing to do hard work. Those have helped me during my time in the Navy. We have to be fit to fight.”

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